Zack Parker’s PROXY – EPK – Day 6

EPK Day 6 (Proxy Production Experience-July 31, 2012)

My final day on set.  It’s always bitter sweet when a project comes to an end-at least this part of the project, anyway (there’s still loads of post-production to do on the EPK).  When Zack and I arrived on set I could feel that the crew was a little tired (their call time was far earlier than ours as they had to light a bathroom set built on a pseudo sound-stage).  So, I tried to do my part to keep it jovial and light, as much as possible.  After all, it was going to be a long day filled with fake blood, gun shots, stunts, and a phantom camera… oh my!

The pseudo sound-stage (built inside of a theatre on the stage-so the wall could be removed for filming) was a work of art.  It looked real, amazing, and beautiful.  We all lamented that one of us could not somehow take this fake bathroom and add it to one of our homes.  This incredible set was designed by PROXY Production Designer Cameron Bourquein with Art Direction by Sean Richard Budde and it was full of detail.  Director of Photography, Jim Timperman did an incredible job lighting the set, making it look photo realistic on camera.  It was exciting to see a small independent film have such awesome production value.

Due to the amount of lighting required for the set, and because we were limited on the usage of air conditioning, the theatre heated up pretty fast.  But once we started shooting, it was all worth while.  Watching the scenes unfold and leading up to what would prove to be some really exciting footage.  First up, some shots of little Xavier playing near the bathtub.  Then it got crazy on that set! Without revealing too much, let’s just say it was some of the coolest footage and it will definitely blow you away when you see this film.

This proved to be our longest day of the time I was on set on PROXY and, in the end, though the work sometimes became arduous, I think both the cast and crew appreciated the images that were being captured.

In between setups, I was able to get a fabulous interview with actor/filmmaker Joe Swanberg.  It was interesting to get his unique perspective on his dual creative life.  I was also able to capture some camaraderie with the cast as they joked around with one another.

I am honored to have been on set during the production process of PROXY, if only for a short time, and I am looking forward to cutting together the massive amount of behind the scenes footage I was able to capture of this hard working, dedicated, and talented group of artists and technicians.

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